Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How did come to be?

It's kind of a funny story. was once owned by another guy named - wait for it - BRYAN BISHOP! Bryan was (is?) a southern minister who used his site to help promote Bryan Bishop Ministries. The first time I looked up, I saw that he owned (and was using) the URL. Fair enough. I'd check back from time to time just to see if it was still active.

One day, I checked the site and found that it was no longer active. After a quick Google search, I found Bryan on MySpace. I emailed him, basically asking "Hey, if you're not using the domain, how 'bout I buy it off you?" His response: "I'm not really selling it, but everything's for sale nowadays, I guess. What's it worth to you?" I'll tell you what it WASN'T worth: a follow-up email. I let the whole thing go.

Then, last year, out of nowhere, a listener named Jason emailed me. He works in web marketing and specializes in watching and acquiring expired domain names. Apparently, had not been renewed by its owner and was coming up for auction. He didn't forsee the bidding getting too high (not sure how I feel about that), so he offered to get it for me - no strings attached.

Fast forward a couple of days: the auction happened, he got the domain, and handed it over to me. Just like that, was finally mine! It's hard to articulate, but there's a sense of... security?... in having "your" domain name.

The lesson here? Don't give your child a common name.

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