Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a great way to see what people really think of you. Twitter helpfully shows you the lists people put you on. Most are flattering. A few... aren't. Here are some noteworthy lists that my Twitter followers have added me to (my thoughts are in italics):

- Ace Minions (A minion is a "fawning servant." OK, that one's fair)

- To read during refractory period (yikes! hopefully he's reading my Tweets every night, if you
know what I mean)

- Pupetty Oddballs (should I be more upset at "pupetty" or "oddball?")

- People More Important Than Me (you're god damned right)

- Poker (what could I have possibly done or said to make him associate me with poker?)

- I Know You from Somewhere (your dreams?)

- Incense Charcoal Fire & Prayers for Haitians (both of these lists are by the same person BTW)

- Ridiculous Celebrities (this list has the description: "We don't necessarily admire these folks")

- Random Cool as Fuck Cats (again, correct)

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