Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bald Bryan App for Android

It's finally here!

Download it on your Android phone or get it at the Android Marketplace HERE.

Annoy friends! Co-workers! Spouses! EVERYONE!

Do me a kindness and leave a stellar review if you're so inclined.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out... hope it's worth it!


  1. ROCKS B! Thanks! I feel like I'm making drops on the Adam Carolla Podcast now!

  2. How about an update for the Iphone app? In App purchase? I'd pay for more Bry Bry

  3. Thanks for the app, Any chance you'll do an update with more drops as you snag them? And awesome on the 3 years btw!

  4. Hey Bryan - my app is frozen. Any tips?

  5. Hi, Bryan

    My husband and I have been arguing for months. I thought the drop was "Huh?" and he said it was "Who?" Seeing this in print is totally bumming me out. I guess this means I'm wrong. So what's the origin of "Who?" drop anyway?

    Thanks for finally settling this very heated argument (even if I'm wrong, dammit).


  6. You can get the source many if not all of Bryan's drops, here:
    Get it on!

  7. Is "three times, fool!" on the app? :)

  8. Awesome! is it available for iPhones? I will check now. I have SO many questions about how your machine/software works. May I ask them here, since we are chatting? I assume you have some locked and loaded for a single tap (like the NBC more you know thing) since you use it daily. Some, though, I imagine are deeper - let's say Isaac Hays stuff - how many clicks does it take to get there? I imagine speediness is key.

    Thanks, you are the best! Am going to pre-order your book right now, as well.


    Denver, CO