Friday, April 10, 2020

Signed copies of Shrinkage!

People often email me and say, "Hey, I want to give a copy of your book to my friend who just got diagnosed. Can you please sign it for them?" I'm always happy to, but previously, in order to get it signed, you'd have to bring it to a live show when (if) we happened to be in your town. Or go through the time-consuming (and kind of expensive) process of mailing it in to the show's PO Box and waiting for us to get it back to you as soon as we were able.

Now, you can get an autographed, personalized hardcover copy right away. I'll happily sign it for you, your friend, or your enemy (assuming you hated the book), and write whatever message you'd like inside.

Just click the button below for an autographed copy of Shrinkage and enjoy!


  1. I really enjoyed this book. My wife lost her struggle with cancer (after 18 years) on 1/10/17. We both read it together when it first came out and a lot of what you went through resonated with us. Keep up the good fight.

    1. Ugh, I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm honored to hear that she found things that resonated in the book. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. BB, how do i select the personalization on the paypal page? Would really like to send one to my friend who was recently diagnosed with a rare lymphoma. Im sure he would appreciate the read...

    1. Hey, sorry for the delay. Once the order comes through, I'll email you ASAP and ask what you want inside (and also to verify the shipping address). Thanks.

  3. Hi Bryan, I recently bought your book and read it as a recommendation given by my daughter-in-law Jen and son Kevin, who are your friends. My husband's sister has stage 4 GBM and is now going through chemo/radiation treatment. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. Never experiencing anything like this with a loved one is terrifying and it helps to hear someone else's journey. All the best to you, Christie, and family.If I can ever have you sign my book that would be icing on the cake. Lynette Terzic

    1. Thanks Lynette! I'd be happy to - you're in LA, right? Have Kevin get us in touch and we'll make it happen. Best to you and your family.

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  5. Bryan,
    I’m an occupational therapist, and my fiancĂ© is a speech therapist at Barrows neurological institute in Phoenix. I am currently reading your book, and I’m beyond words. I have an intimate knowledge of how cancer (and other ailments) can tear someone down emotionally/physically, and fundamentally change their social/occupational/family life and sense of self-worth. Your writing, infused with your generally positive attitude and persistent sense of humor, spells out the complexities and facets of your situation beautifully and articulately. I laughed, I cried, I highlighted. Thank you for writing this! I have already recommended it to several patients. Keep it up on the carolla show and elsewhere.

    Also — I am getting married in Scottsdale (north Scottsdale) in October 2018. Do you or Christie have any DJ recommendations??
    Thanks man!


  6. Hi Bryan,

    I am currently reading your book and wanted to let you know how comforting it has been to me to know that my family and I are not alone on this unexpected, and certainly unwelcomed journey. My mom was diagnosed with an inoperable (grade III) anaplastic astrocytoma of the left temporal lobe back in June and has been through both chemotherapy and radiation very similar to your experience as told in the book.

    The main reason I wanted to reach out to you was because I’ve been unable to locate your wife, Christie’s blog “An Inconvenient Tumor” as referenced in the book. Every time I try to access it I get sent to a page indicating that the blog/website is no longer available. Is there another way to access it?

    I am particularly interested in reading Christie’s account of your diagnosis as since all of this began, my wife and I have essentially become my mom’s primary caregivers, and as I’m sure you know it has been quite difficult for us to adjust and cope with the drastic changes we’ve had to face. My wife and I are only 30 years old, have only been married 3 years, and had our first child, a son, just over a year ago. Then came mom’s diagnosis and everything was turned upside down. We were and still are blindsided by all of it. Do let me know if there is any way I might be able to access Christie’s blog, as I feel it might give my wife and I some much needed additional encouragement as we face this long road ahead. Thanks and I wish you the best!


  7. Hey bb,
    This doesn’t seem too current, thus perhaps unheard.
    I reached out many years ago, as, as many say, they find the Carolla podcast carthetic. Mostly, I suppose, in the absence of supportive friends, it provides both substance and levity to a slooww existence.haha. Common sense !
    Anyways, i had emailed nack when u had a email postedon the website. I know i was aggregious explaining i had a grade 2 glioblastoma, and then suggesting I could help provide material for the show.
    Idk, facing survival, one starts to think of grandeur, of making a difference..
    When u commented on the show years ago,that ppl contacted u w intent to befriend the show as an ( agreeably) abhorrent thing, but i again felt u were talking to ME. Maybe a few others.;)
    Stupid me, but head cancer + drugs\ doesn’t = common sense. Haha(?). Fell some things funny they are soo silly! (Actually vice versa)
    Anyways, really enjoyed ur audio book in your voice, and my GF did as well-
    I am a huge a-hole for feeling i lost everything,wo realizing she lost as much. It really took a lonng time to think she lost as much as me... cuz, I mean i felt i lost everything, but she probably felt she’d rather exchange places w me because she cared enough. :’(
    I contacted you back near2010(?) as i had surgery in 09 and discovered the show....
    Coiincidink huh.
    Living in Canada, i did actually have sincere intentions, as for 1; thry don’t offer your miracle drug; in fact after later studies, the last i heard it was effective 1/6 the time... maybe a push another 1/6.. far worse than ur account, but free healthcare up in Canada isn’t perfect. Its funny my, ex-Dr actually left for the minnesota Mayo in rochester... up here, we r left w 2nd tier.
    Btw, my initials are, by birth, also bb
    Love my 88s,and moreso infinity— sideways b) lo-
    Luv that we CAN imagine zero, can understand it... nothing...
    But we r COMPLETELY incapable of thinking of infinite. Haha. 3d composed of an infinite amount of 2d??? Incomprehensible!

  8. Sorry for the typos- doesnt seem like i can edit), like feel not fell, oliglioglioma- gbm couldnt be grade 2 ;)
    Also, ur bright!
    Im bright.
    Ive wondered, as a philosophical pastime, that does inactive brain tissue-> lead to higher functioning brains? I Read s theory oncethst proposed higher intelligence MAY be linked to faster/ increased blood flow—and it still seems to be the best theory ;)
    Im not going all Aspergers here, but 6 years AFTER surgery j joined Mensa, in the top 1 percentile... altho, i concede i did lose some sharpness, at least in terms of memory/ multifunctioning...
    (Post surgery gave me some epileptic symptoms, which require some meds.